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Q&A: If removing corporate influence from Washington decisions cost jobs, would you support it?

by tom44 on March 5, 2013

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Question by farad469: If removing corporate influence from Washington decisions cost jobs, would you support it?
If someone were elected president, with a supportive congress (as unlikely as it is, bear with me) who was honestly committed to removing corporate influence and corruption from government, and doing so caused a loss of jobs in the nation as these corporations moved overseas to more amenable (bribe-able) nations, would you support them?

If honest, transparent government meant the loss of large corporate employers, would you support it?

Please refrain from insulting the political party you dislike the most, and stick to the question.

Best answer:

Answer by Viva Pierre
Dont just end corporate influence but end union influence and all special interests in favor of strictly voters.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: If removing corporate influence from Washington decisions cost jobs, would you support it?

  1. Dr. Zaius -R- says:

    Yes, because research has shown that the biggest job creator and sustainer is small business..and small businesses don’t have any more influence in Washington than the average citizen.. It is the mega corporations that have the most influence, and large corporations are actually employment neutral.. or a negative force on employment.

  2. Andrew Marinaccio says:

    Yeah…I don’t think that they would take too many jobs overseas though, they would just have to pay more taxes…but if they did take their jobs overseas I wouldn’t care because it would mean less idiots with opportunities to make money and so maybe they would leave or better yet go extinct.

  3. Chosen1 says:

    Yes, because it wouldn’t cost jobs that actually matter. I really don’t want to see someone like AIG giving out millions of dollars to their employees in congratulations for mind fvcking the american public into an outcome beneficial only for themselves. Such is capitalism, I suppose.

    In any case we are already losing the large corporations. No matter what you say or do nothing will stop them from sending those jobs overseas. It’s like domestic violence where the wife keeps going back to the abusive husband because she thinks she has no where else to go.

    Absurd. The corporations can leave and take their ignorant supporters with them.
    Starting with Obama.

  4. Nightwind says:

    I might, but ONLY if you take ALL influences away….like Unions, special interests, enviromental groups and all the other well known left wing agenda’s parties……….and that’s not even addressing the influences of so called business experts like George Soro’s,, or the powerful Media’s, etc. etc.

    You’d also have to kick politicians in the butt in America to get them to start doing the will of the people instead of ignoring us like Obama has set the precedent of doing.

    Government needs to live by the ethics of our Constitution, not find ways around it and pull the shenanigans we’ve been seeing lately. THEN we can deal with the influences to government, because without government working as it should, the influences are just one more issue to tackle.

  5. Tom says:

    No. Why should a corporation be without influence ? The SCOTUS recently ruled that corporations could not be denied rights of free speech. A corporation should have the same rights as any other organization.

  6. draciron says:

    Kinda a moot point as Corporate influence combined with Socialism are what are killing the jobs in the US. Remove both and America would be thriving again in short order. Socialism steals necessary capital from the economy and buries it deep in corruption and the gov’s deep dark recesses. Where it takes 300 middle men and a forest’s worth of trees before it can be spent by people who have no clue as to what they are doing and often no inclination to learn. Corporatism ships our jobs overseas and protects the monopolies and collusion going on meaning both fewer jobs and the money you do get your hands on doesn’t go as far as it used too.

    We as a nation if we are to survive have to chuck both of those economic anchors off our backs.

  7. Arthur G says:

    Either end corporate influence or increase union influence, because at the moment the workers/middle class are getting screwed.

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