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Q&A: I would like to move to Austin, TX.?

by tom44 on March 30, 2014

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Question by KP: I would like to move to Austin, TX.?
My girlfriend and I currently reside in Connecticut and want to move to Austin, TX. The cost of living is significantly lower than Connecticut. Now we both have associate degrees. I have one in Graphic Design and she has Medical Billing/Office Assistant. I’m currently not doing much with my degree at the moment, but she is doing office assistant work. I work for 2 security companies that also have branches in Austin. I wanna sorta assume that finding work in Austin wouldn’t be too difficult, especially with temp agencies in the area.

We want to do this in a 10 month span. We set up a savings account for our moving expenses, transportation, apartment furnishings, and etc. Some time in between this 10 month span we are going to take 3 days off to go to Austin.

My only thing is not entirely sure what actions should take place first. Do I have to take more than one trip? I just would like a better idea on how to go about making this move as painless as possible.

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Answer by Old School – Again Mfer
wanna sorta? you will not get a job with talk like that.

visit and see if you like it. if you do, get a job first.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: I would like to move to Austin, TX.?

  1. Valleycat1 says:

    We just relocated from one state to another. Years ago, I lived in Austin for 10 years. Our first trip for the recent move was to decide on specifically where in the area we wanted to live, and checked on rental rates, utility rates, ease of commute etc. For Austin, you will want to check the various local neighborhoods (pick up one of the freebie local news magazines), drive around or ride the city bus if that’s how you’ll get places & try to get a feel for ease of doing errands, traffic on the commute, etc. Austin sprawls and traffic can be horrible and at least when I lived there bus routes were impossible over any distance. Our second trip was to find a place to live; in your case, since you are relocating and needing to find jobs, any landlord is going to want substantial proof you will be able to meet the rent payments, and you’ll probably have to pay a deposit and first and last month’s rent. It can take a month or more to start a job, and then another couple of weeks before that first paycheck arrives, so have several months’ expenses saved up, the more the better.

  2. Deanna says:

    The question really is why do you want to move to Austin specifically? Is it because of the lower cost of living? Because it is one of the fastest growing areas in the US? What do you know about Texas that is attractive to you? Because it is super hot and humid in the summer, cost of living is going up, job fields are highly competitive because a lot of people are moving down here and we have quite a few good universities that produce graduates too.

    Have you ever been to Austin before?
    I assume it would take more than one trip, plus you need a place to stay and I’d suggest a job before you move. I wouldn’t move on a feeling of this could work.

  3. Messacheckabee says:

    It is good to some planning. Just a few thoughts, I live in Texas and these things were a little bit of a surprise for me and my family when we moved here;
    Yes, cost of living is lower, but most job pays much less than the rest of the country. Finding a professional job is not impossible, but the most common way most employers do it, is to have an temp agency deal with the hiring, and getting a full time job that is not time limited is unusual for people moving from other places. So you will have a job for 6-8 months, then they let you go when it would have been time to for a raise and find a new batch of cheap labor. My husband gets about 50-75% less than he got in one of the northern states and 50% less than AZ that has basically the same cost of living…
    The Heat. Texas is hot and very humid. Not much rain lately, so there is no relief, you will have days with 100 degrees, 95% humidity and that is not as much fun as it sounds. We moved here from AZ, also hot, but no humidity (normally, this year has been pretty rainy) and the combination of humidity and heat takes some getting used to.
    Allergens. If you have any kind of environmental allergies, chances are you will be miserable most of the year, there are many allergy seasons, more than where you live now.
    Texans like other Texans and being from somewhere else is not always easy. But Austin is probably one of the most progressive states in Texas, so slightly better than some other places here.
    Also, if you dont already know Spanish -learn it, it will really help to know it to get a job.

  4. K says:

    Look up austin apartments. Find a handful you like and call them. Ask about rent , utility bills, etc….
    Then come visit the apartments and you can do it 1-2 days and decide on those 1-2 days which one you want. Then when your apartment is ready for move in, then move.

    Visit first and just explore the Austin area to get the feel of it. Then find a job, then find a place to live and then move.

    I’d say your looking at 2-3 trips to Austin.

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