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Q&A: I was thinking of becoming a phlebotomist is it worth it?

by tom44 on June 16, 2013

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Question by Jasmine: I was thinking of becoming a phlebotomist is it worth it?
So I will be taking a phlebotomy class and then I was going to take an internship and apply at the hospital I would have the internship at. But I have heard that its a waste of time and money because they teach you for free how to draw blood when your an RN which I’m becoming. Also they said that their is no real need for phlebotomist because the RN can just draw the blood. And if I’m new at this how would I get the experience? Does the intership count as experience? And how much does a phlebotimist make starting out hourly? Is it hard to get a job as one? because I’m CNA certified and I haven’t been hired for a job yet! and I don’t want to take a class and not be worth it. thanks.
I am from Illinois northwest suburbs

Best answer:

Answer by JoJo
The phlebotomy class is a great idea if you are going to be an RN. There are so many things to learn in nursing school (which is NOT free) that you will not get many chances to start IVs or draw blood. New grad nurses are terrible at this when they come out of school. As a Phlebotomist you will see many different patients and do over a thousand draws before you get finished with nursing school. You will definitely be ahead in that area. You will also be at ease with the patient and not be a fumbling new nurse who everyone hates to have them stick them with needles.

In some hospitals the RNs will draw the blood in some areas but not all. Most med-surg floors still have Phlebotomists drawing as to the outpatient areas. The Phlebotomist may make a little more than the CNA in your area. There is no way to tell you an hourly wage since you don’t list where you are from. The wages in NYC, San Francisco and Atlanta are all very different due to the cost of living.

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