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Q&A: I wanna join the Air Force or navy for a medical career?

by tom44 on November 9, 2013

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by dbking

Question by IllestGirl: I wanna join the Air Force or navy for a medical career?
I want to join the Air Force or navy for a career in the medical field. I’m a 19 year old female with a 2 year old child. I want to do better money/career wise so my child can be bought up living a better life than I did. I live in philadelphia pa, my current job is getting me NO WHERE AT ALL. I also want to go to college, is the Air Force or navy better for me? I know I may have to give up custody of my child being as though I’m a single parent(her father is around but clearly we’re not married) how long would I have to be away from her? I also would like to see the world but I would like to bring my daughter along eventually. My biggest concern is being away from my daughter for any amount of time! I’ll miss her so much. AND PLEASE DON’T SAY “TALK TO YOUR LOCAL RECRUITER” I’VE REQUESTED INFO SO THEY’LL BE CONTACTING ME SOON. I just want a little more personal information from someone in the same situation

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: I wanna join the Air Force or navy for a medical career?

  1. Zoe says:

    Hi, I can see you are in a very tight situation. It seems to me that you really love your daughter and if you think that joining the Air Force or Navy for a medical career is what’s best for her; do it. It might be hard to be away from her but let her be your drive and its really going to benefit both of you. You can decide to either stay where you are or try and do better. Its better to try than nothing, I personally think you should do this for your daughter,or things will just get harder. The road to success is not easy. Either you put your hard work/ sweat, tears, blood now or have your daughter go through that later. But don’t be discouraged, once you get through this and have your MD, you’re going to be glad you did it.

    All military contracts are 8 years, but you can choose how the time is divided. Either way you’re not going to be away from your daughter all 8 years you will have opportunities to visit her. <3

    As for weather the Air Force or Navy is better I can't really help for lack of proper knowledge. However, when I was at a restaurant one time, my dad and I were talking about the military. An old middle aged guy overheard s and immediately started lecturing us about how his family has been in the military for generations and that if I wanted to go into the military for school he would recommend the Air Force because its the best (according to him) when it comes to post education. This guy inspired me to join the Air Force (although my family members think I'm to weak to make it through,lol) and I might not know him but he seemed like a reliable source. I have also herd from other sources that the Air Force has better living conditions and get to com home more often. However, its really up to you and I hope your local recruiter can give you more accurate information, and help you through this process.

    I really hope you make the best decision for your daughter, also try talking to friends and family and see what they think.

  2. Been there - Done that says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    None of the Armed Forces will take a single parent.

    You mentioned giving up custody of your daughter. I don’t think you realize what that means. It means that you will have to give up total and complete custody of her by a court order. I’m talking, adoption by someone. You will have no visitation rights and will not be allowed to provide any support or medical insurance.
    That is what the military considers as giving up full custody. If you are married with a child, you may enlist with a waiver provided you meet all of the other mental, moral and physical requirements.

    If marriage or adoption are not aceptable scenarios, then you need to find a way to accomplish your goals without the military.
    Many people like yourself, do not realize just how selective the Armed Forces are and the very strict requirements for enlistment or commissioning.

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