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Q&A: I heard rich people dont create jobs so then when will poor people start creating jobs?

by tom44 on September 15, 2013

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Question by US Government: I heard rich people dont create jobs so then when will poor people start creating jobs?
Cuz we be needed those jobs already. Ya feel me out there. Poor people get a crackin on creatin.

Best answer:

Answer by Sdgs
There are more than just poor people and rich people.

Turn off Fox News. Open a book. Think for yourself for once in your life.

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9 thoughts on “Q&A: I heard rich people dont create jobs so then when will poor people start creating jobs?

  1. Vonnegut says:

    Oh I got a job for you, motherfcker!

  2. Primate says:

    What jobs can they create?

    How can they compete with a multinational using slave labor?

  3. Tripp Smith says:

    Maybe you can give your resume’ to a guy under a bridge and he can point you in the right direction (Sarcasm)

  4. Edumacated Republican says:

    I have ash hole. I started a business 12 years ago because I was sick of getting f’d by the rich man.

    Just because you are a cretin that has to be told what end of a shovel to use doesn’t mean we all are.

  5. ? says:

    nobody really knows what goes on when youre talking bout politics and the gorvernment. so that question may not truely be answered for quite some time. but personally id give the gorvernment two middle fingers. screw em.

  6. Arch Duke Smokey III says:

    The point is that human beings don’t create jobs. Jobs are created as the natural result of market forces. Rich people are no more to blame for hiring people than firing people. A job is just a mutual agreement to exploit an opportunity. Once the opportunity is gone the job eventually disappears.

  7. All Knowing One says:

    There is only one factor that creates jobs, DEMAND! Demand only happens when people have money to spend. I started my first business with a $ 35 lawn mower when I was 12 years old by the time I graduated college I employed 40 people and sold my business for $ 300,000.

  8. The Solution says:

    Did you know that the Founder of HOME DEPOT said that if Sarbannes/Oxley’s Financial Regulations were in place when he founded HOME DEPOT he would never have been able to AFFORD the extra $ 4 Million to comply? They had very limited funds and a GREAT idea. But those Regulations would have caused them to abandon the attempt.

    The poor can NOT create jobs, because Federal Environmental and Financial Regulations would require more MONEY than can be raised to start a business, which creates jobs.

    Talk about Job Stifling, look at our every increasing Regulatory Agencies and how they Prohibit Growth and Expansion to keep up with population and progress.

    Thanks for the question.

  9. Ben says:

    Rich People or Poor People dont create jobs, Thinkers create the jobs if you have a good idea that is benificial people will buy it. Of course you need to think about how you can get your product/service out to everyone this usually entails hiring someone.

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