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Q&A: I have to travel for an interview out of state?

by tom44 on November 22, 2013

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Question by bluejordann: I have to travel for an interview out of state?
I am from minneapolis, minnesota applying for jobs in tucson, arizona.

When selected for an interview, how might I convey to the employer that I need a phone interview, or somehow to learn more about me; to see if i would really be a successful candidate? I don’t want to pay for airfare for an interview when I may not get the job. I just don’t want the trip to be a wasted one.

Best answer:

Answer by Mark J
First- congrats on getting the interview because they like your skills and believe you have something to offer.

Second- ask them what their procedures are for the interview. Will the interview require a 2nd interview, 3rd, or subsequent interview? Remember you deserve the best of conditions possible, but they control the conditions of the interview. Remember you applied for a position they offered.

Third- I think a phone interview for the first time is appropriate to inquiry, but you need to know what the process before you ask.

I wish you could help me find something because I am struggling miserably, so I am glad one of us has an interview.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: I have to travel for an interview out of state?

  1. IKAREOKE2 says:

    Why did you even bother to apply for a job when you would not be able to get to the interview?

    Did the job advertisement state they would pay for transportation to the interview? Some jobs give a hiring bonus to compensate you for travel and moving expenses.

    I doubt anyone is going to hire you over the phone. I could be wrong, possibly it is a phone job.

    Good luck.

  2. mtwaites says:

    When you’re called for a position i.e. the position that you have applied for, and the employer asks you to come in, say that you’re from out of town, and that you’re really interested in securing employment with them, but you would appreciate a phone or video conference interview. If they say, unfortunately you need to come in for the interview, then you will need to decide whether you would like the job or not. It is unfortunately, not the company’s responsibilty or obligation to give you a phone or video conference interview, but some will out of kindness and sensitivity.

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