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Q&A: i have some questions for anyone who is a professional poker dealer?

by tom44 on January 8, 2014

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Question by Kottonmouth: i have some questions for anyone who is a professional poker dealer?
how much and how long did you go to that school for to become a dealer?

was it worth it? do you make good money as a dealer?

i live in a suburb of IL and i want to be one but i dont know if its worth it. there are only about 4 casinos in IL.

the answer that is most informative gets best answer by the way.

Best answer:

Answer by jayellison01
Being licenced as a dealer is relatively easy and it is a short program. The thing is you have to start somewhere if you can even find a job in the first place so don’t expect to start at an actual casino. U might start off at a true dump dealing a 1/2 dollar game and with experience and a little luck you might be able to move up. The card room near my place the card dealers are definitely not in any type of nice enviroment. It’s pretty raggedy.
But yah to reinterate ur question. Its a very short program and im not sure of the cost.


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2 thoughts on “Q&A: i have some questions for anyone who is a professional poker dealer?

  1. Giggle Bear says:

    you have to be good in math and it takes about a week of training.

  2. sincity usa says:

    Sure i will be happy to let you know everything about being a poker dealer. I have been a dealer for almost 5 years now and i do love what i do, but it is a very stressful job for sure, and if you like having holidays and weekends off, then this is not the job for you since you will work most holidays. Plus the people can be really drunk and hard to deal with. As for dealers school it can range from 200 to 1000 dollars. I myself went to the casino gaming school in las Vegas. you can look up the web site by going to It cost 799.00 to go to this school and it is the best dealers school in all of las Vegas. I spent 3 months in school before i went for a job. It looks very simple to deal poker, and once you get it down it is easy, but side pots, overlap bets, fills, using lammers, working the rack, taking rake from 3 side pots can be a bit confusing at first. After you have it down you go out for an audition. This means you go out to diffrent casinos where you sit in a real game while the floor looks at you. If they like you and want to hire you, they will send you to fill out an application. You will start off on the extra board at first, this means that your on call for the most part. Sometimes you can get on full time right away, but most casinos will have you on call or they may even have you work as a chip runner. Just do what they ask and work every time they ask you to do so. Also you just can’t go to the best casinos in Vegas, you have to start out in a break in house. This is a casino that hire snew dealers. After 1-2 years you can go where you want to for the most part. For example the Mirage or bellagio will not even look at you unless you have 3 years of full time dealing under your belt. As for the money its great as well as the medical and dental the casinos give is great. They only pay min wage, but you get to keep your tips and thats where you really clean up. Now some casinos pool there tips, and some let you just keep them, so it deopends on where you work. But if your spending your pay check on anything but fun money, then your not making enough in tips. It also depends on the casino you work at as well, in a good casino with lots of tables and lots of action you can clear 50k easy. hope this helps.

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