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Q&A: I have a question about nursing school?

by tom44 on September 14, 2012

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Question by : I have a question about nursing school?
Well I am 18 years old, I’m graduating in 2 months (from high school) & I will be a CNA by then. I already have a job waiting and I plan on working an entire year and saving money. Then I plan on moving to Las Vegas or LA. My question is, after a year of being a cna and if I really enjoy it, how will I become a RN? Do I go to a university? and do I have to take basics like math, science, etc. Thankss
Oh and I plan on continuing working as a CNA when I move.

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Answer by peyton
you can become an rn much quicker through a community college. I have the same plan, but I don’t plan on moving and ill be going to school to become an lpn. if you have the background knowledge from being a cna you can most likely get out of your general courses and just take a two year rn program to reach that position. good luck with everything though!

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One thought on “Q&A: I have a question about nursing school?

  1. Ashley R says:

    Your CNA may not transfer just to let you know so you may want to research it. You will go to university or college. There used to be diploma based programs, but most of those have been phased out. You will take basic classes like math, biology, anatomy, and a few other things.

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