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Q&A: How useless is a degree from the University Of Phoenix?

by tom44 on April 3, 2013

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Question by Keith Bartolli: How useless is a degree from the University Of Phoenix?
I am getting the perception that the University Of Phoenix doesn’t have any prestige or value with people. Employers are not impressed by it?

Best answer:

Answer by Canadian Bacon
Correct. UoP (and other places you’ve seen on TV and internet ads like Kaplan, Everest, AIU, etc.) are for-profit schools. That means their primary goal is not to provide education, but to fill the pockets of their corporate owners and investors.

Non-profit schools (schools with proper campuses who succeed based on their reputation rather than advertising) use the money they bring in to improve their programs, hire good faculty, provide services for students and improve/maintain their campuses. For-profit schools cut as many corners as possible in those areas to minimize costs, and as such their programs are sub-standard. On top of that, they tend to charge sky-high tuition fees. So you their students quite literally pay more for less.

Just go to a state school. You’ll get a higher quality, more widely respected education at a lower cost.

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One thought on “Q&A: How useless is a degree from the University Of Phoenix?

  1. PE2008 says:

    You are correct. A University of Phoenix degree is worthless.
    Employers have been know to throw any job application listing a UoP degree directly into the trash.

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