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Q&A: how to get a job in Dallas?

by tom44 on May 18, 2014

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Question by madaquat: how to get a job in Dallas?
i just drive across the country after graduating college cause Dallas was supposed to be the best place to go for jobs.
i look online every day and apply to jobs but nothing seems to be working out and half of what I see are just scams…
what do i have to do to get an entry level PR job?
any advice will help

Best answer:

Answer by Michael M
Have you contact the PR firms in Dallas.
Dallas is not a PR capital, that would be NY or LA.
In the meantime, why not hook up with a volunteer agency, American Red Cross, get some experience and a portfolio and then you may have a greater chance for success. And try the public transit system. I woreked for one on the east coast and did PR for several years. Made a lot of $ $ .
Goodl luck to you

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One thought on “Q&A: how to get a job in Dallas?

  1. Punartham says:

    Internet and Craigslist have full of scams.
    Look for News Papers – Probably on Fridays or Sundays they publish many job openings
    Check different sections of CL every day and screen out replies.
    Farmers, world financial, Primerica etc have no shame in inviting soliciting emails for jobs.
    Then send out resumes to all Temp agencies like Manpower, Labor Ready, Aerotek, Volt etc etc.
    Look in Monster sites and some times yahoo hotjobs though yahoo hotjobs sucks
    Another thing is do networking
    Good luck

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