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Q&A: How to find a good paying cocktail waitress position in Boston, MA for Friday and Saturday nights?

by tom44 on April 12, 2013

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Question by Samantha L: How to find a good paying cocktail waitress position in Boston, MA for Friday and Saturday nights?
Im 22, work full time but really need another income. Consider myself good looking with a fun personality. I do not want a position in a strip club, but one of the more popular bars in Boston. How do I get my foot in the door?

Best answer:

Answer by mrfroo
I don’t mean this as an insult or to be demeaning, at all: Contrary to popular belief, you can’t get a job in a bar based on just looking cute, anymore. At least not a reputable bar that doesn’t have a skeevy owner who won’t rip you off or try to put the moves on you.

Bars are easily burned by inexperienced employees, because the menu and the service staff are their number 1 and 2 profit makers. The job is hard, and you need to be spectacular at multi-tasking and dealing with douche bags who think they own the bar, and they are the only person in the place. You also need to know the drinks, the laws, and be willing to do side-work, like slicing lemons, and mopping up vomit.

If you don’t have serving experience – find a way to get some, or study up on “the service cycle,” “restaurant customer service,” and popular alcohol, and apply with great enthusiasm for the industry.

Talk to the manager and state that though you don’t have experience, you have always enjoyed whatever establishment it is, tell him about any and all customer service experience you have, and emphasize that you are a fast learner.

Serving is hard, hard work, and cocktailing is even more demanding and sometimes humiliating, because drunk patrons act like jerks and can really try to screw with you.

I was forced to resign from a cocktail job I had, because the same stupid jerk and his friends came in for the third time in a row, and decided to slap me on the butt. I decided to slap him across the face because the bar wouldn’t do anything, because “he’s a regular and spends alot – the other girls don’t seem to have a problem with him.”

The other girls hi-fived me, and were afraid to complain.

I would start out in a restaurant, first. See how you like it – it’s similar to cocktailing, but you don’t have to act fake-friendly to people you would otherwise mace in you ran into them in a parking lot, and it’s not as stressful. Plus, in many restaurants, you only tip out one busser, not 3/4 of the staff – most bars expect you to tip out the bartender, the bar back, the busser and the dishwasher.

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