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Q&A: How to become a Physician’s Assistant?

by tom44 on August 28, 2012

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Question by Rachel: How to become a Physician’s Assistant?
Okay so I copied and pasted another answer from a similar question (for how to become a P.A.):

“1st way) 5-year physician assistant program (univ. of detroit mercy has one such program and you graduate w/ a masters degree. some of the other programs may only award a bachelors. it’s preferable to get a masters)

2nd way) get a bachelors degree then apply to a 2-3 physician assistant program. this way you would (obviously) be getting a masters degree. if you choose this route you should have some sort of “medical” background/experience before applying to a physician’s assistant program. most applicants have been emts or practical nurses. however, some ppl are accepted after only working as a certified nursing assistant (cna) (some of the programs to become a cna are as short as a month).”

So, what, I have to pursue another career in order to become a P.A.? That’s weird…. i have to get a job first… so that i can become a P.A. later?? (therefore having to participate and pay for another program???) it says medical experience, so basically i need to obtain a regular job so i can have medical experience THEN pursue the P.A. program? what else can i do? would voluntary work be sufficient enough?
totally confused.
I am on my way to getting a bachelor’s degree… (univ.) so.. then what? step-by-step answers, please. 🙂

i know.. reallyyyyy long question.

Best answer:

Answer by grneggzham
Take the short route.. enter nursing school.

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One thought on “Q&A: How to become a Physician’s Assistant?

  1. Mary says:

    As a respiratory therapist, you may find this helpful. It is a 2 year degree. When you graduation, you can work and make decent money. Most hospitals will work around your school schedule. You can work 2 12 hour shifts, FRI and Sat. and it not interfere with school at all. You will get plenty of medical knowledge including history, pharmacology, ventilators, intubation, cardiac and respiratory disease. For some people this is more interesting. Then for the second 2 years, you can take your electives like micro, organic, advanced math, physics etc.

    If you are going to due the nursing route, I would go into a nurse practitioner program. Others will say just go to school and go straight to PA. They obviously do not have to work for a living.

    Just my opinion and experience.

    Best wishes

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