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Q&A: how ot become an LVN then a registered nurse?

by tom44 on May 21, 2013

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Question by quezadapq: how ot become an LVN then a registered nurse?
I live with my wife and my daughter, we rent an apartment together. I want to go into nursing.. my main goal is start as an LVN if it is possible and then become a Registered Nurse, this is a career I really would like. My question is.. What is the best way to approach my goal? What is the easiest, fastest way to get going, Please keep in mind that I would have ot work full time and also go to school. It does not matter the hours I have to work…. As long as I go to school I will do both at the same time… I live Orange County California and .. does anybody know of any program and or school that I can attend?…. what is the best way to get this accomplished? Would I have to go to a normal junior college to be an LVN? I want to get familiar with the industry and once I have a LVN job I want to be going to school part time to be a registered nurse. Can someone tell me what is the best way for my goal to be easier to reach….. please help me.. I need to know the best and most efficient method… also if I can get some local people that know what they are talking about… what is a great school for LVN ? how easy is it to get a job after?… someone please give me the best advise you can give….. I really appreciate this.


Best answer:

Answer by myamallari
The best way to become a LVN is to go to a vocational school, you can easily find one in your area by searching online- an LVN program costs roughly $ 24,000-$ 30,000 and the program is about 1 in a half years long (as a part time student it may take no longer than 2 in a half). Depending on the school, you may have to take Pre Req Classes to be admitted. (Most Likely Human Anatomy, Physiology, & Pharmacology)
Also, at SOME community colleges/JCs they provide a LVN program at a much cheaper take, but it is very competitive, some only allow 40 students (with over 100 students applying). You may have to inquire at local JCs to see if they offer it, and that it takes to get in.

As for becoming a RN, there are many ways. There are many schools that provide a “bridge” programs in which when you get your LVN certification,and can continue on going to school to become a RN, please keep in mind you do not get any degree taking these classes you only get certified. Many JCS offer this LVN-RN program and so do Vocational schools.

Also, keep in mind the economy is at an all time low, it is not easy getting a job as a LVN at a general hospital, you will most likely only get hired at an retirement home. At my mothers (she is a CNA Supervisor in San Francisco) they cut out all the LVNS and just lets the RNS do all the work. They predict in the future in order to cut down expenses the jobs for LVNs will be cut out of the main hospitals. Even if a clinic or hospital is looking for LVNS, they want ones that have past experience, which is stupid because LVNS who are fresh out of program can not obtain experience if no one will hire them.

I hope this helped, feel free to ask me anymore questions 🙂

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