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Q&A: How much would it cost/should I save to relocate to Seattle?

by tom44 on June 10, 2013

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Question by Darla: How much would it cost/should I save to relocate to Seattle?
After I finished school in 2012 I want to relocate and start a new life my top 3 cities are San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston. I want know how much should I try to save up to relocate and what are these cities like.

Best answer:

Answer by Greyt Grey
I understand the youthful desire to pull up and move to somewhere fresh and exciting. While I can’t speak for SF or Boston I can definitely speak for Seattle. Seattle is full of optimistic college grads looking for a fresh start in a vibrant city. The smart ones have a job and a place to live lined up long before they load up the moving truck. You know what happens to the rest of them – the ones who didn’t plan ahead and figured they would work out the details when they got here? Those kids bus tables and jockey cash registers in convenience stores.
Seattle is super competitive and expensive. Finding a job here is competitive because just about everyone is well educated. No joke – the guy who works nights at the gas station by my house has a Masters in Physics. He doesn’t work at 7-11 because he wants to – it’s because that’s the best he could get right now.
If it were me, I wouldn’t show up in the Emerald City with any less than a Masters, a job, an apartment lined up and $ 5,000 in the bank.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: How much would it cost/should I save to relocate to Seattle?

  1. Danko says:

    I say go to Seattle or SF. you can find a decent apartment in seattle for about $ 800, check out northgate or u-district on craigslist. As for jobs… it can be tough because the competition. But you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding a “just-to-get-by” job.


  2. ShainE says:

    Moving to Seattle will be ALOT cheaper then your other choices, and a lot easier to find and apartment but it will still be expensive. A one bedroom apt. in the city will cost you between $ 850-$ 1500 depending where you live. You can get a decent studio for around $ 700. Typically you will need to save first, last and a deposit. I would recommend saving at least another $ 5000 to hold you over until you get a job etc. If cost of living is a factor go with Seattle, if culture and night life etc are a factor go with S.F. or Boston.

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