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Q&A: How much would i need to have in the bank before moving to Houston Texas?

by tom44 on March 2, 2013

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Question by LOren: How much would i need to have in the bank before moving to Houston Texas?
me and my one year old son is planning to move to Houston texas from chicago IL in feb 2014, I’m trying to find out what are he best cities to move too in houston, and how much should i save before moving, and can i get a apartment without having a job? i really need help, I’m 23 and i want to get out of chicago, and i want to know what is the employment rate and crime rate?

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Answer by Lily
Do not move to Houston without having a job lined up first. Many people come here because of a strong economy but the city has a shortage of workers in only specific areas. Your career is in the medical industry, science, anything petroleum related, logistics, etc you will be fine. If you fall in the other category the chances of finding employment slim considerably.

Not to be rude, but if you are using public assistance Houston has an influx of people currently in the system. If you are planning on relying on daycare assistance or housing assistance you may very well find a very long list ahead of you. The waiting list for section 8 housing in Houston has not been opened since 2006. That was the last time they took applications for section 8 housing applicants.

Getting an apartment with no job and the inablitity to prepay the rent for a long period of time will be difficult in this city. Houston currently has a three percent vacancy rate on apartments. There is no shortage of people willing to take vacant units. Therefore, complexes have a higher bar for applicants than in other parts of the country.

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One thought on “Q&A: How much would i need to have in the bank before moving to Houston Texas?

  1. TheBlogger says:

    You need to have a job lined up ! And
    Pasadena and Beumont are fine cities 🙂

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