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Q&A: How long could i live a descent life style in the San Diego area with 100k and no job?

by tom44 on September 9, 2013

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Question by Apex01: How long could i live a descent life style in the San Diego area with 100k and no job?

I will have no dependants and will go out maybe once every couple of weeks.
I should say i just want to live comfortably instead of living a descent life style.

Best answer:

Answer by Edg1
It depends on what you call “decent”. For me I could live on that for years. I don’t need much though. I don’t make a lot of friends or go out and drink or get high. If you are careful you can be comfortable with renting a small house for @ a grand a month or so.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: How long could i live a descent life style in the San Diego area with 100k and no job?

  1. Rockford says:

    I’m thinking not very long, two, maybe three years on the outside, but maybe not that long if you pay rent, auto, gas,
    medical, and so on…

  2. Christine Q says:

    Buy an RV or travel trailer and live in an RV resort. Cheap rent like $ 750 a month and then you pay for your electric, propane, land line phone with internet this adds about another $ 200 to your rent…….you don’t say if you have pets either, which you can have in an RV resort. They are safe, clean have pools, jaquzzis, game rooms, showers so you don’t waste your electric or propane and laundry rooms.

    Shop at the 99 cent only store for all of your fresh veggies, fruits and condiments………..same thing you purchase in the major super markets. Buy your meats and other things in the supermarket only if it is on sale with the value card…….You can eat like a queen or king with this type of shopping.

    Depends on what type of transportation you have due to gas prices…….then your insurance and car maintenance……and where you want to drive to daily or weekly.

    Be a mystery shopper for your entertainment and hundred dollar dinners.

    You could probably live this way for 4 years…..

  3. David M says:

    2 years max.

    You ain’t gonna get no decent house in San Diego for 1000 dollars a month. Period. You won’t.

    Shopping at a 99 cent store is not my idea of living a decent lifestyle.

    If you aren’t going to make friends, and go out, and have dinners out at nice places and socialize, and take advantage of cultural events, you might as well join a monastery.

    Two years. Max.

  4. Chimichanga to go please!! says:

    You could live for a little while, but let me tell you what happened to me. I had a $ 100,000 inheritance when my parents died. I used a few thousand dollars to pay several debts (my attorney fees from my lengthy divorce and trial cost thousands of dollars alone). I had just gone through a divorce and was starting life all over. I spent some of that money buying furniture and furnishings, including bedding, towels and sheets and appliances, dishes and cutlery. That can be expensive.

    I had lost both my parents and my brother in just a few months of each other and I went through an ugly divorce. While I met and married my second husband over a year after my divorce was final, the stress from backstabbing co-workers at a job I hated, the deaths of my parents and brother AND the counseling my daughter had to go through after my divorce was too much for me and I quit my job to get some healing. When I quit my job, I had moved to a different suburb of my hometown, where the rent was more expensive. I figured I could take about 4 months off work and still have plenty of money to live on from my leftover inheritance (it was about $ 50,000 by that time – I had used much of it for many expensive debts). Well…….it took me much longer than anticipated for me to find another job (the job I have now). I wasn’t yet married to my husband and I ran out of money after paying almost $ 2000.00 a month for my rent on my 3-bedroom condo (I have a teenage son and pre-teen daughter – them sharing rooms was not an option, nor was it an option for my daughter to share a room with me since I would soon be getting married again). When you add utilities, food, car insurance, car maintenance, gas, groceries, medical bills/copays, sundry items, clothes and expenses for 2 children, and unexpected expenses, then the money can go pretty fast. My husband ended up having to move in with me and my kids before we were married, just so that we could keep a roof over our heads (with his income helping out). This was difficult for me because my value system goes against that.

    So….in my opinion, if you want to live on $ 100,000 here in San Diego, you can do so comfortably for about a year if you have a lot of bills and high rent and about two years if you have cheap rent and less bills. If you have huge car payments/insurance and if you do a lot of shopping or spending, then the money will disappear quicker than you can blink. I lived frugally and was careful. I am not the partier type of person and I do shop when we need something and on occasion when the kids want something. I do eat out now and then, but I don’t do any of these things to excess. I am pretty careful and the money that I had left just disappeared like a puddle on a hot day.

    If you have no job and all that money, then you have a comfortable cushion. Still, it took me about about 5 months to find a job after I took 4 months off for “healing” (total 9 months of unemployment). I am a person with a good work ethic, lots of employable skills and experience and I interview well. I had a lot of competition however, and it was a huge shock to me that I had such a hard time finding a job again. If I were you, I would look for work now because we are in a recession and even major companies and employers are merging, reorganizing, folding AND laying off employees. The competition is high as it is when the economy is good. The economy is in the toilet now and those who have a job are among the fortunate and blessed. Who knows how long it might take to find a job. You could find one tomorrow or it could take 6 months. You never know. Even with frugal living, you will be amazed at how quickly the money can disappear.

  5. rivasj27 says:

    One year!

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