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Q&A: How is the job market in New York City?

by tom44 on June 24, 2014

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Question by Mello Yello: How is the job market in New York City?
I might be moving there to go to school next year and I am going to need a job. Will it be easy for me to find one? I’m willing to do almost anything, as long as it pays at least minimum wage. I know things might change between now and then, so if any one has a guess that would be good too. If any one has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.
Chipper123: I know the job market sucks. That’s why I’m asking if people think I will be able to get a job. Any job. Thank you for not answering my question.

Best answer:

Answer by Chipper123
did you really just ask how the job market is in NYC.
incase you haven’t watched the news in a few years, THE JOB MARKET ANYWHERE SUCKS

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: How is the job market in New York City?

  1. Tina VVV says:

    listen girl you can get job but it might not be a good one being that new york is so overpopulated and expensive and the ressession! it might be in retail or a cheesy office job but any job is better then no job and plus it depends on what job you are looking for. the best thing is to ask around and DONT LISTEN TO CHIPER123 THE GUY ABOVE ME HE IS A STALKER! AND HE NEVER WORKED A DAY IN HIS LIFE EXCEPT FOR SELLING CRACK!

  2. Claire says:

    I been looking for a job here in this area for some time now and cant find anything but ive been using this site here copy and paste to survive its free and easy to do you can read up on it in the blog I use it and I was able to pay off some of my bills but you cant make a living off of it. and in the blog are ways to help you in the interview. hope i helped and good luck.

  3. SCOTT says:

    As Chipper already mentioned and you are well aware off, The Job Market anywheres stinks and New York City is no diffident. If you are a student who’s coming to NYC to go to school and your looking for a PT or FT job, it may take a week or so but there are several low end retail and fast food jobs always available around, and yes you could probably land one, however these would be the type of jobs that pay between $ 8~$ 10@hour. If your going to school and just looking for supplemental money, you’ll be OK, but given the extremely high price of living in the area, it wouldn’t be enough to support a person.

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