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Q&A: How is living in Michigan, Detroit for example?

by tom44 on April 24, 2013

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Question by jettero: How is living in Michigan, Detroit for example?
I’m from south of Switzerland and my dream is to go to the USA. However I’m not rich at all. I was checked out the real estate price and I saw that there is a lot of difference between states, regions, country. I would like to get south of California, San Diego or similar, but it’s a little expensive I think. What about the north? Detroit. How does it cost a little house? I’m single. tx for any suggestions. 😉

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Answer by Dances With Mops 2 – Mop Bucket Boogaloo
Detroit-area winters can get as cold as what you’re currently experiencing in Europe, though we typically don’t get as much snow. The northern reaches of the state can get a lot of the white stuff.

The housing prices will vary depending upon how big a house you want, and where you get it. In the city, it’s possible to get a two- or three-bedroom house for around $ 25,000, but chances are good that it will need extensive renovations (read: tear the place down and start fresh) to be livable. The farther you get from the city, the higher the prices will be.

The employment situation is still bleak, despite what you may read in the Detroit newspapers. Still, if you have some valuable skills (especially in the medical field), there are jobs available.

Of course, you will need to get your immigration paperwork in order before you make the move. Visit the US Embassy in Geneva for the official details.

Detroit’s public transportation network is, compared to most European cities, non-existent. There are buses, but no subways or street cars.

Yet, there are cultural aspects of the city which compare favorably to the continent. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is justifiably famous among classical music lovers, and the Detroit Institute of Arts is worth a visit (when you can catch them open).

I will recommend coming here for a visit before you commit to a real-estate purchase.

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