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Q&A: How hard is is to get a clerical job in Houston Texas?

by tom44 on April 10, 2014

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Question by Just here.: How hard is is to get a clerical job in Houston Texas?
I have been looking online at jobs in Houston. I’m moving there in July from a small town in Alabama. I am going to be looking for a clerical job that pays at least 10.00/hr..anyone know any good places?? That aren’t temporary?

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Answer by CeCe M
You should try Craig’s list,and scroll down to Houston, T.X..

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: How hard is is to get a clerical job in Houston Texas?

  1. pricetravel says:

    Houston is a big city with lots of jobs. I am sure there are zillions of jobs for a qualified clerical person. Do you type? Do you have experience? Use any office machines? Familiar with computer office programs?

    If you answered no to any of the above questions, I suggest you work hard between now and July to learn. You will have a chance of earning more than 10 dollars an hour with experience and training behind you.

    Good luck.

  2. Renate says:

    You should be able to get a job easily by reading the big classified pages in the Houston Chronicle on Suday

    Do not go to a temporary agent. (been there done that)

    $ 10 and hour is not very much for the Houston area. You can get a lot more if you are really good. I would try to get a job with a legal practice.

    Houston is so spead out you will want to try to find a job near the place you will live.

    There is no real mass transit system in Houston, so you will need a car for work.

  3. CitiBoy008 says:

    I’m in houston, there are lots of jobs around, and lots of jobs at good companies too, look at HOTJOBS or since there are lots of government contractors there, look at jobs at for government jobs or contractors like SAIC, or Lockheed Martin websites.

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