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Q&A: How do you lease an apartment in Atlanta with problem credit?

by tom44 on April 11, 2013

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Question by Alexis: How do you lease an apartment in Atlanta with problem credit?
My credit is not good. It’s bad. I keep getting turned down for apartments in Atlanta. So far I’ve lost $ 275.00 in application fees trying to get approved at different communities. I do not want to live in dangerous neighborhoods. I am not a criminal and seem like my credit profile is only going to accept me in dangerous areas and I can’t live like that I have a 16mos old daughter. Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by goz1111
need to look around for a mom and pop rental that will look past the credit report and consider other aspects, the large apartments with a pm is not going to make an exception so best stop wasting your monies

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: How do you lease an apartment in Atlanta with problem credit?

  1. therainbowseeker says:

    tell the landlord upfront that you have bad credit, and offer to double the security deposit.

  2. Bama Gurl says:

    maybe u should try an extended-stay place until u can find something that would be good for u and ur child

  3. Lively says:

    Here are a few tips. I hope they will help you.

    First of all, don’t go to any more large apartment complexes and pay application fees. Don’t ever pay an application fee, ever, if you have problem credit. You will always get turned down.

    Instead, look in the paper for CONDO or townhouse rentals from individual owners. They are out there and you can usually tell by the ad that it’s placed by an individual party.

    Go to see the apartment and if you like it, tell the person up front that you want the apartment and can give them a check that night for a security deposit. That’s when you tell them about the credit situation. Explain matter-of-factly that your credit is not great, then tell them how long you’ve been at your job, what your financial situation is, and what your ability is to pay the rent. Do not go on and on about it–just state the facts plainly and move on.

    A few other tips:
    –Dress professionally and be honest.
    –Do not bring your child to see the apartment, but do mention that you have a 16 month old daughter.
    –If you are a responsible person, say so.
    –If you have good references from where you lived before, bring them with you. Call the references beforehand to warn them they may get a call.
    –If you are clean, don’t have loud parties, try to be a good neighbor, etc., mention that. Mention everything good that you have to offer as a tenant.

    Most of all, be honest and tell them what’s up. I had a low credit score years ago from medical bills and I always rented from individual condo owners or owners of small apartment complexes (six units or less.) I did exactly what I’m telling you to do, and I never had a problem renting from someone.

    Once you do rent an apartment, always be respectful. Pay the rent on time. Be clean so you’ll get your security deposit back and so you’ll get a good reference for the next time. Try to stay in one place until you can get back on your feet and improve your credit score.

    Landlords want tenants who will pay rent on time all the time, clean up after themselves, are quiet, don’t have problems with others (or the law) and don’t have excuse after excuse for not paying rent on time.

    If you can show that you will be a good tenant, you will be fine. Good luck!

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