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Q&A: How do you create jobs in a city like Detroit?

by tom44 on June 29, 2012

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Question by mousepad: How do you create jobs in a city like Detroit?
Detroit is the most famous example of a city that once had a automobile boon but like all great American industries at its peak, the work got shipped overseas and people were left without jobs. Many people left Detroit when the industry was dying. If we took this city as an example of the worst case scenario of long-term unemployment what kind of solutions would you apply to “fix” the situation?

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Answer by Frank Capoano
Enact right to work laws, though it might be a bit too late. I think it is a permanent decline.

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15 thoughts on “Q&A: How do you create jobs in a city like Detroit?

  1. Winter Glory says:

    Work on bringing back the auto industry.

  2. Yak Rider says:

    Create a tax free zone inside the city limits. No taxes of any kind for workers or employers willing to located there.

    The biggest problem is that what’s left of Detroit’s population has about a 9th grade education and most are functionally illiterate. There are 3 to 5 generation families where no one has ever had a job.

  3. ArizonaAlmostRealAmerica says:

    Bull doze it.

  4. Theda Bara says:

    Detroit seems to be one city that needs to be leveled at least 60%. The city tried to make itself smaller by bulldozing tens of thousands of houses that were abandoned. They shouldn’t stop.
    Detroit needs to be destroyed before it can be recreated into a modern thriving metropolis.
    Detroit offered to bundle six houses for less than $ 3000, and still nobody bought. Sad.

  5. §§pecial Unicorn™ says:

    Take the union leaders out of the equation and the union members should start working for the same pay as anyone else would. The work got sent overseas because it wasn’t affordable to make it here nor could it compete with foreign automobiles in price and quality. Yet…people still seem to think it is okay to pay people a psychiatrists’ hourly rate to assemble vehicles and load them up with benefits all to ensure they keep one party in permanent power. The money runs out…and when it does, union leaders and politicians will not take care of these people. They are expendable. The key to any city in this nation is to make it affordable to MAKE something here and start charging China when they ship the goods in.

  6. Sean says:

    Why do such places get in the situations they do, do they not see them coming decades before becoming Detroit? Detroit should be a learning opportunity for the nation, progressivism doesn’t work.

    Cleaning up the mess would be the most sensible job, and then doing what’s necessary to keep it out of the rut it’s in presently.

  7. Left Hook says:

    Force the failing auto makers to become non-profit organizations as opposed to for-profit companies whose only concern is profit.

    Without those pesky profits and greedy executives to get in the way of business, you’d have well-paid workers, cheaper cars and more cash to dump into R&D.

  8. gws35 says:

    How can people look at Detroit and deny that job outsourcing doesn’t create unemployment?


    There are no jobs if people buy things from foreign companies. To bring back the jobs, the government has to change rules and policies to make it more attractive to buy domestic products instead of foreign products.

    Nothing will just make jobs appear out of thin air. There have to be customers, and the consumers have to want to buy from domestic suppliers.

  9. D says:

    Recruit for the city police. That city needs more cops than most.

  10. Dennis C says:

    ask pitsberg… they were once known as the rust belt… unions killed them and they have killed detroit…

    opt out a democrat in 2012

    repeal the obama HC slavery bill

  11. JW says:

    Vote the democraps who ruined the city out and vote some Conservatives in (like they did in the State of Michigan)

  12. Huevos Rancheros ® says:

    A good place to start would be to run the dems out of town. Reverse the democrat policies that destroyed it in the first place. Give businesses the incentive to want to create jobs. Get rid of the unions.

  13. Mateo says:

    I think that the manufacturing ship has sailed. I think that policy makers at the municipal, state and federal levels should try and attract investment through incentives.

    I know that Michigan is trying to give incentives, such as tax breaks. They did get one of the largest furniture making companies in the world relocate from Canada to Detroit and it was because of these direct incentives.

    I think there also needs to be an active campaign to clean the city up…. both physically and mentally. The eye sores and the depresseing landscape must be changed, and active social policies should try to entice people to be part of the solution as opposed to the problem. Community organizers and social marketers should try to get work for the poor and organize community building programs.

  14. John E says:

    Let me see : does the phrase “free enterprise zone” come to mind?

    In order to revitalize any area you have to understand the resources you have at hand — a semi-literate overpaid workforce that has been programmed to feel entitled and vote domocrat- and use them, and whatever resources you can bring to bear (reeducation, reindustrialization) to retrain them.

    Reality sucks. But Detroit is a city that has been deceived by union leaders and economic conditions that you can be uneducated, be overpaid, be lazy, have exceptional and excessive benefits, and it will last forever — a fairy tale.

    The work did not get shipped overseas. It got shipped overseas when quality was zilch, and got shipped to other states offering better economic conditions for the company. The people were left without jobs, and with years under their belts during which time they did NOTHING to better themselves or save for a rainy day. Most didn’t leave detroit–they found government benefits.

    I would invite a chinese automotive manufacturer into town to give workers there a chance to put up or shut up, choose to work and toe the line or wallow in their misery. Sorry, but life gives hard choices. This is one. It is a dead city, except for ford, who survived by avoiding the government missile attack. Reply?

  15. clark says:

    We may have to destroy it in order to save it………..

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