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Q&A: How do you become emancipated in Tennessee?

by tom44 on November 19, 2012

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Question by mslaylow: How do you become emancipated in Tennessee?
I am 17. I have a job. My mother is in jail. I don’t live with my father. My father lives with his mother. But I’m not sure if my father would consent with the emancipation. I want to be able to get my liscens and move out on my own. I am still attending high school, I’m a senior. I have never had support from my mother or father. I just want to be on my own.

Best answer:

Answer by Teekno
You would have to show a judge that you can manage your own affairs, that you can get a job making enough money to pay for an apartment and food and gas and all that.

The reality of it is that by the time you could get all of that done and get the court dates and everything, you’ll be 18 anyway. In less than a year you’ll be emancipated without any expensive legal fees.

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