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Q&A: How do you become a teacher in Maryland?

by tom44 on April 3, 2013

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Question by Paul Delanzo: How do you become a teacher in Maryland?
I graduated from a college in Virginia and have a bachelors degree in communications (public relations) and a minor in business. I can’t find a job with my exact major. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher or wedding planner, I figured teacher would be my best shot for now. What steps do I take to become a teacher? Everything I’m finding online are schools and training courses, which ones do I take exactly?

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Answer by KY
The town I am from finding a teaching job is rare and slim of a chance. Many experienced teachers are not able to find work. Around here, teachers must obtain at least a 4 year degree from an accredited university (anything from special education to integrated math) and have taken the states board exam to be a certified. Once you have a job within 5 years you must go back for your masters in Education.

Honestly, I would not put all your eggs in one basket with hopes of finding a teaching job and a public/private school. Perhaps try a charter school for starters.

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