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Q&A: How do i get a job working with the police or detectives?

by tom44 on August 5, 2013

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Question by Raven: How do i get a job working with the police or detectives?
I am 19 yrs living in Boston. I would like to work for the ATF one day but i want some experience now. how do i do that?

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Answer by rubydoda
become a paid snitch…

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One thought on “Q&A: How do i get a job working with the police or detectives?

  1. simonita1967 says:

    The first thing I would recommend is for you to get a job in the security field or military – part-time or full-time – it does not matter. The reason is because it will benefit you as there are some similar duties, plus the Police department will look at your background and favor you because of security and military background.

    My ex-husband had always wanted to become a police officer so when he was 15 he had joined the LAPD Explorers for youth, then when he was 18 he joined the Military as Military Police and after he got out of the military 3 years later, the first job he took was as a security guard, while he applied with the LAPD, Sheriff Department and also UCLA Police Department. He got the job at UCLA Police first and he continued on processing with LAPD as well as the Sheriff Department. The the Sheriff Department offered him the job and this is where he still works.

    I hope this helps and inspires you. If you are looking for a job you might want to search on

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