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Q&A: How do I convince my mom to move?

by tom44 on March 10, 2014

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Question by blossomgirlsrule: How do I convince my mom to move?
I live in Cincinnati & I don’t like it much. It’s not anything in particular, I guess it’s just rude people. I’d love to move to Oregon (Portland to be specific) or anywhere in North Carolina. Everybody in my immediate family wants to move there too, except for my mom. Her parents & sister live here so she wouldn’t want to leave them. I understand that, but we could always visit them. We’d be so much happier there. I want to meet new friends, I’ve kind of drifted apart from all of my friends here because of medical problems & my parents have no close friends here. How do I convince my mom that we should move? I know we probably won’t, but I still need some advice on how to try. Thanks for helping 🙂

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Answer by Takgeyon
Burn the house down.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: How do I convince my mom to move?

  1. Jxsxn says:

    just tell your mom, I don’t like you any more and you should take your things and get out of your house

  2. Roger K says:

    Having a job lined up in the new location – before anyone moves – is often a key part of deciding to make a move.

    These days, people rarely move voluntarily without knowing that they will have a job when they arrive.

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