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Q&A: How do i become a EMT emergency medical team in San Francisco?

by tom44 on June 15, 2012

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Question by ******: How do i become a EMT emergency medical team in San Francisco?
How do i become a EMT in San Francisco ? I am 23 years of age in great health I am sick of working office jobs and i am not happy i have always thought about this and want to clearly understand the requirments to become an emt please help!

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Answer by mtwaites
Being an EMT can be a very exciting job, and at other times, it can be filled with doing routine paper work, or waiting for calls to come in during slow periods. But the biggest thing, is at least you know that you’re making a difference to other people’s lives.

You should ask yourself these questions to determine whether this job is a good fit for you.

1) Are you willing to work on shifts? i.e. weekends, statutory holidays, evenings, overnight etc. Are you willing to change your schedule should there be a need to work on your days off due to staff shortness such as sickness, vacation etc.

2) Are you able to stomach human excrements such as blood, fecal matter, and urine? Is your stomach fairly sturdy at also being able to look at carnage and less then favorable situations?

3) Are you able to maintain confidentiality? Are you able to multi-task when it is necessary?

4) Do you have your current first aid and CPR certificate

5) DO you have a clean background check?

6) Are you willing to work as part of a team, and as well on your own?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, then contact your local ambulance department and see if you would be able to ride along for a night to see what it is like.

Good luck, and it is a very good lucrative career!!!

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One thought on “Q&A: How do i become a EMT emergency medical team in San Francisco?

  1. Rosanna W says:

    contact any emergency responder office in the area you desire. Any member of an ambulance service can tell you where and who to contact for the education information.

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