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Q&A: How can I find a job using library science and writing skills?

by tom44 on March 30, 2013

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Question by Alexis: How can I find a job using library science and writing skills?
Any clues to what I can do? I have a MA in Writing, an MLIS and a BA in Journalism. I’m working as an office assistant now. I know I could be doing more.

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Answer by salted peanut
Don’t quote me on this, but I daresay being a Researcher might be a good move.
Someone needs to know everything about something, and they pay you to create a portfolio for them, write about the topic and spend hours finding out everything about it.


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2 thoughts on “Q&A: How can I find a job using library science and writing skills?

  1. cant stop searching says:

    So you actually have “admin” experience as well as your degrees. That sounds like you should have a real advantage and at least some flexibility. I think you have to pull out any IT experience you have and push that to potential employers.

    Eg. The professional jobs in libraries have had to be redefined over the last 10 years. Due to the Internet and digitisation of sources librarians are finding they are less in demand for information seeking or literature help. They are less in demand for cataloguing tasks. In an effort to diversify and justify their existence to their parent organisation libraries and librarians are changing the focus of the career drastically towards liaison, marketing, promotion, training and high level marketing. As someone who originally wanted to be a cataloguer in 1980, the shift has just gone too far for my introvert personality. Librarians are trying to learn the new skills necessary in multimedia, but failing, so that IT people need to be employed. The detail orientated tasks like writing and editing and knowledge of literature are but a small focus of the job now. Keyword searching,being aware of new databases, offering training to library users in how to use the databases, and somehow convince them they need you to evaluate the information they find is what is required now. And if you are extremely outgoing and good at networking with the key players in the parent organisation, then a prof lib job might suit you down to the ground. Not quite like the stereotype is it.

    Aside from that I have seen publishing houses advertising for media checkers and editors, with a writing degree favoured.

    I found I Ioved writing about certain things so I have just started a venture trying to rent myself out as a specialist in that type of writing. As I say though, I could do with more IT skills.

  2. Rudy C says:

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