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Q&A: How can I find a job (in healthcare), it’s so hard as a new grad/no experience…?

by tom44 on March 11, 2014

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Question by Carolyn: How can I find a job (in healthcare), it’s so hard as a new grad/no experience…?
Hello everyone!

I’m 21, female, and I live in New York. I was going to college for nursing, I had some issues regarding loans, and money, things at home with my parents weren’t the best either. I decided to go for something “shorter” in the meantime so that I could help out a bit and also earn something on my own.

I plan on continuing my education as soon as some things settle down, but I have graduated as a patient care technician, which is known as Nurse tech, I was trained in 3 different areas, CNA (Nurse assistant and basic patient care skills), phlebotomy (blood drawing and lab work), and EKG. I received my certificates of completion from school and also took my lisence exam which I have passed, I am now fully certified.

I have been filling out applications non-stop, I know I HAVE to eventually find something, but it is getting a little frustrating. I know that the fact that I am a new grad sets me back as experience is always valued first. I have an appointment for job placement assistant with the technical school I graduated from, I don’t know if they can really do much unless they have certain connections, but I’ll give it a shot, but I am still a little stuck on how to go about this.

I’ve worked on my resume, recommendation letters, etc.

I know a lot of people find themselves in this position after graduating or completing some type of job training. What else can I do? Where can I look into?

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Answer by Pookyâ„¢
As a CNA, you may be able to get hired to work in a nursing home.

Phlebotomist – an inexperienced one may have a tough time getting hired. They usually want someone who can draw the blood successfully – on the 1st stick. There is no time to practice on any patients, especially on a child or an infant.

EKG is usually done in outpatient clinic by a medical assistant or by an LVN / LPN. Learning how to do it takes less than an hour – the placement of the leads is the key. It’s not our job (I’m a nurse, too) to read it. Even the computer reads it incorrectly most of the time anyway.

It’s unfortunate that it’s not easy to get hired as a phlebotomist when you are brand new. Like getting credit – you can’t get a credit card until you have credit. Most of the time the externship (that you may not be paid) will give you some experience. Did you go through that?

Best wishes

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: How can I find a job (in healthcare), it’s so hard as a new grad/no experience…?

  1. CSUDH Student says:

    Don’t give up keep trying especially in a field like nursing there are jobs out there if not get an internship volunteer and keep searching for nursing jobs there has to be at least one out there. But you must apply like crazy and keep going.

  2. swimmer says:

    I know most CNA’s start working in a nursing home and then after they get some experience (usually 6 months to a year) and then hospitals will generally hire you after you have that experience. The biggest thing is just not to give up. When I first was looking for a CNA job it took me almost a year before I finally found something and I ended up getting a job as an orderly in the operating rooms instead of a CNA job first. There will be something out there so just keep applying and eventually you’ll find something!

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