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Q&A: How available are jobs in Portland OR?

by tom44 on July 30, 2012

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Question by : How available are jobs in Portland OR?
I’m thinking about moving there this winter- are the jobs more scarce in the winter? I’m not looking for a career or anything, just an entry level job to make a little money. I don’t have any restaurant experience though- will that make it impossible to find a restaurant job?
I’d really appreciate any/ all advice! Thanks!

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If you’re looking for an entry level job without working in a restaurant, I suggest that you think about being an assistant. Since Portland is a vibrant city with a number of different industries, you could pick an industry that interests you and then get a job as an assistant in that industry. Even if you’re not looking for a career, it’s still a good idea to build your resume and this is a great way to do so. provides an assistant training program that is comprehensive, “real world” based and will get you up to speed about being an assistant in any industry in a very short period of time. Something you might want to check out. Good luck!

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