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Q&A: High school senior- can/should I get CNA certified before college?

by tom44 on May 17, 2014

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Question by ~Knut~Is~Cute~: High school senior- can/should I get CNA certified before college?
I’m currently a high school senior at a prestigious school in Chicago, and I want to enter the medical field as either a higher level nurse or doctor. I’ve had retail jobs in the past, but lately I’ve been unable to find a job due to the economy. Volunteering is a big passion of mine, and I have much experience with both people and animals. I’ve been thinking about taking classes at a city college to become a CNA, which may help me gain employment over the summer / in college? Is this a smart move or are they likely to not employ me due to my age? (I’m 17 and won’t turn 18 until my first year of college.) I’ve looked into dining aid, etc. jobs, but those are also hard to come by or require some sort of prereq that I just don’t have. (Though I am taking culinary programs that will give me a sanitation certificate through an outside program.)

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Answer by Donna
I would definitely look into it. I’m a nursing student and wish I took CNA classes, just for the extra knowledge and point of view.

As far as your age, I’m not sure. You could try asking the people who are giving the classes or places that hire CNAs alot.

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