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Q&A: Help moving to Portland, Oregon from California !!!!!!!?

by tom44 on July 2, 2012

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Question by ctjazzy: Help moving to Portland, Oregon from California !!!!!!!?
Hi, I previously asked a question about moving to Portland, Oregon from Southern California and wanted some info on good, safe, areas to live, I did nor get alot of response so I am asking for anyones help again. Need to find a nice safe apartment in Portland, Oregon, that is in a good area, I believe my son will be attending Lincoln High school in Portland, also I am looking for a job as a Medical Receptionist in a medical office or practice, I have 25 yrs plus experience in the medical administrative field or clerical receptionist in office or company, please help with info if you can, I have never lived outside of California and this is a big move for me and a bit scary… Thank you in advance for any info you can offer me in reference to best areas to live that are safe, apartment complexes, jobs etc…any info would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by atsun1741
Delete this and do not say you are coming from socal. For some reason people in Portland hate you. I guess I sort of understand but if people never moved then nothing would ever happen and the economy would be worse then it is….hard to believe right now…

Anyway, I am from Chicago and my family moved to Vegas, where I am now. I have watched the city become a mini LA and the local hate it. I see it both ways. I see all the California plates driving around but I also see the money they provide to our city.

Anyway…good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Help moving to Portland, Oregon from California !!!!!!!?

  1. Carol W says:

    I agree with the other person. Oregon natives are not responsive to people coming here to Californicate us.

  2. on_a_need2know_basis says:

    What if I am coming from PA? I too am looking to relocate to this area but I heard that psychos live here. I am starting to believe it since thye are not open to newcomers. Good luck with moving! I say do what you have to do.

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