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Q&A: Have any of you found modeling jobs with a modeling agency? Which one is the best in Columbus…?

by tom44 on September 27, 2012

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Question by Blondie Mathieson: Have any of you found modeling jobs with a modeling agency? Which one is the best in Columbus…?
I am curious if anyone has been successful in finding modeling jobs in Columbus Ohio and which ones are the best to work with?


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Answer by Cultiv8.
its pretty tought to find honest, move to ny or ca, lots of modeling agencies there and good pay

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Have any of you found modeling jobs with a modeling agency? Which one is the best in Columbus…?

  1. Gwendolyn says:

    Most “modeling agencies” are just there to take your money. Anybody can open up a storefront that takes your picture and promises the moon, all for $ 695 to $ 22,000. It’s easy money as so many people have dreams and the bad guys are more than willing to click off a few snaps once you hand over all your money.

    But the truth is, unless you’re 5 foot 8 or taller and under 120 pounds you have absolutely no chance in the modeling world. Even if you fit the mold, there are only about 200 openings a year, and at least 200,000 applicants a year, so your chances are slim to none. Better to go to a real school and learn something useful in a field where there are not such a glut of applicants.

  2. Quintin says:

    On October 1, 2003, the Roof-Goenner Talent Agency was established. As an offspring of the Jo Goenner Talent Agency, we take pride in the Goenner legacy, promising to continue the high standard of professionalism and attention to detail in servicing our clients locally, statewide and nationally. We are located in downtown Dayton to service the Dayton and Cincinnati areas, and maintain the Reed Road location for our Columbus office.

    Constantly adding to the already impressive talent base of the previous agency, we are continuing to add new faces, developing one of the area’s most diversified talent pools. To aid in the viewing of our talent base, we have designed one of the Tri-States’ premiere web sites. Easily navigated, the site is a powerful booking tool for the clients. Allowing immediate access to our entire inventory, the site is current and updated each day. The web site is a major marketing tool for the talent, giving opportunity to display pictures, audio, video and resumes. Talent will have access to their site 24/7 allowing them to update personal information at any time.

    Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to servicing your casting needs.

    -Marsha Roof
    Roof-Goenner Talent

    You can contact them on this page:

    More info on:

  3. counterexample says:

    I get questions about the TV, movie industry, acting jobs, modeling jobs, so many times I am send out this pre-made reply.

    First, as introduction, I began working in the movie industry in 1990 on Fried Green Tomatoes, staring Kathy Bates, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary-Louise Parker, Jessica Tandy, Cicely Tyson, Chris O’Donnell, directed by Jon Avnet, Art Director Larry Fulton.I also worked on Andersonville, TNT Productions, John Frankenhimer director. I also worked on We Were Solders Once, staring and produced by Mel Gibson. I have worked along side Krista Zia, Production Designer, The Brave One, The War, Producer, As Good As It Gets. I have had lunch and drinks with all the above listed people and the talent agents and the casting directors, and their assistants.

    Therefore, let me say the following:

    1. No legitimate talent agent / casting agency / agent should ask you to pay them to promote you / your child.
    2. Yes, these so called talent scouts / agencies will take a head shot of you / your child at their photographer’s studio, they will publish the headshot in a book / magazine format. They may even actually mail it to talent agencies they mention. They will not see the talent agencies toss it in the trash. You will not see the postage receipt from the mailings. You will see a headshot that you could have had done at the mall for half the price.
    3. If you still want to be in TV ads, then go to the companies that advertise, ask what company produced their ads, (you might have to pretend you are wanting an ad). Ask that advertising company what agency they use for talent. Do not expect to give these people a headshot / resume. Then go to the talent agency as see if they will represent you / your child. They get paid once they find you work and not before. Usually 10% is the industry standard.
    4. Develop a resume / networking base by joining in a local community theatrical
    company. Usually most colleges have a drama club and may welcome outsiders to fill out the cast. Some parks and recreation departments may have a theatrical venue. Several communities over 10k people will have some type of community theater. If you are living near a major metropolitan city, the theaters could have what are referred to as equity actors. People that are in an actor union and are usually paid union scale. These are the pro’s semi-pro’s you need to get to know to advance in the industry with networking.
    5. Do not give up on the idea of working behind the scenes. That is where I had a 12 year career and through that back door, finally had my 15 minutes of fame. It totally sucked. I was never meant to be on camera. But I have had steady work behind the camera. There are on a small production some 200 technicians, makeup artist, painters, carpenters, camera grips, and so on.
    6. Attend an accredited film school associated with an accredited college / university if you must.
    7. Most important to anyone’s career especially in show business, Be kind to even those below you on your way up, cause you might meet them on your way down, or like I learned the hard way, they may pass you on their way up. But, that is another story.
    Good Luck
    Spartan Caver
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