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Q&A: Going into Nursing?

by tom44 on November 17, 2012

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Question by Andrea B: Going into Nursing?
I’m currently a nursing assistant at a Hospital. I like my job but I notice I rather go into Nursing. I live in Detroit area, Mi and like some advise on what would you do? I have a pasion in helping people and have alot of people say I would be a great nurse one day. My boyfriend on the other hand thinks its a waist of my time. He wants me to take one class at a time. Its not like I don’t already have medial terminology and medical experience. I realy like to go back to school and work at the same time if I could, but taking a course in nursing seems full time.

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Answer by dawnfaunt04
if you have passion go for it / don’t settle for less/ plus you will have an increase in salary i been a nurse for 15 years and i love what i do i work mother/baby i feel blessed to have chose this profession

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Going into Nursing?

  1. linda h says:

    Look at this way if its something you really want to do then go for it full time ,part time however your schudule will let you. As for your boyfriend let him think whatever he wants. Sounds to me he is a little controling think about yourself. My daughter is an RN and even though she worked very hard to get her degree its been very rewarding for her. So think about yourself and not what your boyfriend thinks. GOOD LUCK

  2. I'm the sideline ho! says:

    Don’t listen to your boyfriend. He should be encouraging you to pursuit your goals. You should go into Nursing. Where I live a CNA- makes about $ 7.00 LPN- $ 11.00 RN- $ 42,000 plus signing bonus NP-$ 53,000 You living in Detroit the pay rate is probably higher. Go to school; you would get a job time you finish college. Remember in Nursing it require a lot of studying. Nursing was inmy major at first; but I flunk out because I wasn’t focus but I got a degree in Criminal Justice. Go to school!!!! Good Luck! I wish you the best.

  3. ncruse says:

    i worked 60% at my local hospital in the icu. worked second shift. and sometimes was a little late to work but, get to a hospital that will pay for school also helps they usually will help with scheduling issues . if you want it there is a way. I did it. it sucked but now im a nurse.

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