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Q&A: Does a trilingual or quadrilingual make more money than the average workers?

by tom44 on July 16, 2013

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Question by La: Does a trilingual or quadrilingual make more money than the average workers?
I want to be a doctor and I’m just wondering if being a trilingual will make your paycheck bigger?
My first language is Chinese [Mandarin, which is the official written language], so I can read, write, speak, and listen stuff in Chinese.
My second language is obviously English, which I have no trouble with since I’m tying this question right now.
I’m also taking Spanish 4 honor in my school and planing on taking AP Spanish next year, and I’ll try my best to learn as much Spanish as I possibly can.
Once I leave the high school [with college Spanish credits under my belt], I’ll probably take another language, like German or Japanese [since Germany and Japan’s economy is expanding global-wise].
So, I’m just wondering if being a trilingual or quadrilingual will get you further along with your major?
For example, as I said, I want to be a doctor, does it make me easier to find a job than others who can only speak English?
I live in the New England region, so places like NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey have tons of Hispanic and Chinese immigrants.
Also, I want to work in NYC and live in the suburb nearby. So I’m wondering if my paycheck will be relatively larger than others? I also I want to attend either John Hopkins or Harvard as my first choice medical school.

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Answer by ‘t??.l?r
It depends on your profession. Being multilingual as a doctor likely won’t increase your paycheck, but it will increase your chances of getting competitive positions. I currently work at a bank, and my co-worker and I are both multilingual (I speak English, Spanish, and some Mandarin, French and Portuguese, and my co-worker speaks English, Slovak, German, and Russian), and we make the same as everyone else, but there are many professions in which multilingual people get paid more, and I’m currently studying to be a Nurse-Practitioner, and was told that languages will definitely give me an edge.

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One thought on “Q&A: Does a trilingual or quadrilingual make more money than the average workers?

  1. Sienna says:

    Being multilingual, of itself, won’t increase one’s income. I’m multilingual but as I am a farmer, none of that makes any difference to my income.

    Being multilingual, as with any skill, only makes a difference to income if it is put to some service that people are willing to pay for.

    But certainly it can be put to use if you position yourself right. However remember, to make more money out of it
    a) the target community don’t just need to be Spanish or Chinese speaking, they need to be unable to speak enough English to communicate with a doctor. Most immigrants speak enough English.
    b) they need to know about yourself, and be willing to pay extra for it.

    If you want to make more money, you should study that directly as a topic in its own right.

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