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Q&A: commissary job in boston?

by tom44 on April 29, 2014

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Question by sfjohn5: commissary job in boston?
i got a job interview next week for store associate at the Hanscom Commissary.anyone have any tips that might help me get through
it im from sc and never been to boston.

Best answer:

Answer by Dom W ..the Groucho Marxist PhD
Be well groomed, dressed nicely and look and act professional. Clean shaven is a plus.

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One thought on “Q&A: commissary job in boston?

  1. says:

    When ever I interviewed for a position, once I had a chance I would try to talk about something of interest to the person that was interviewing me. i.e. If there is a picture on the wall of a boat, talk about the boat. The trick is to know something about boats. It’s even better for you if in fact you know more about boats then he/she does. They will look up to you, hire you just so they could pick your brain.
    This is so effective, I have been hired for ever job that i interviewed for.

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