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Q&A: Cna to Emt? is it possible?

by tom44 on May 22, 2013

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Question by Cee: Cna to Emt? is it possible?
So I was in the cna training program for atleast 2 months and took the test last week and passed it. Is it possible for me to apply for EMT even though I have a Cna certificate only? I live in washington state btw

Best answer:

Answer by Buddy
No. You will need to find an EMT course to take and pass that test also. This is the same if an EMT wanted to be a CNA.

Both are entry level jobs but with a very different skill set.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Cna to Emt? is it possible?

  1. Kathleen Michels says:

    I’m a CNA and cna jobs suck.
    take the emt course and work 3/12’s and get the respect you will get.
    cna’s get shit on all the time.

  2. Jeffrey F says:

    You will need to take a state certified EMT course and then Pass the state’s written exam.

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