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Q&A: Can you become a CNA with a felony in texas?

by tom44 on January 30, 2014

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Question by Hope: Can you become a CNA with a felony in texas?
I wasnt convicted but it appears as Credit card abuse and before i sign up for CNA classes and pay all that money i wanted to see if i could get hired somewhere. Its deferred.

Best answer:

Answer by Señor Sñarky
As long as it wasn’t an elderly person’s credit card that you stole then no, that won’t stop you from becoming a CNA.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Can you become a CNA with a felony in texas?

  1. PooPooLaTrash says:

    Call the state licensing board and ask. You will be asked on your application to apply for license whether or not you have ever been charged with a crime. You are obligated to reply “yes”. They will want details. Each incident is reviewed on a case by case basis. No one here can possibly tell you what their decision will be. Generally, any felony or “crime of moral turpitude” (which fraud would be considered) would preclude you unless you can convince the board otherwise. Also, even if you can obtain your license, having a felony on your criminal record is going to make it tough to find a job.
    No, *not* convicted, charged.

    Here is one example:

    Please note “Have you ever been CHARGED with a crime (felony or misdemeanor)……

  2. judgemaker says:


    The question will ask about conviction not charges.

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