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Q&A: Can I work as a CNA & go to college at the same time o.0?

by tom44 on November 18, 2012

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Question by ?XRawrXRyanXRawrX?: Can I work as a CNA & go to college at the same time o.0?
I’m currently in jobcorps as a CNA student but when i finish end june/begin july i want to move to phoenix & go to a community college in the fall for media journalism & paramedic. I was wondering if i could work as a CNA to help pay for my apartment bills etc… but also go to college at the same time o.0

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Answer by Ashley R
Well, you might want to work as a CNA and save up some money for college tuition. In my nursing program, out of 10 students, 6 are CNAs. However, you will have to look at what type of job you are doing. You’ll need a job where you can work either second shift or third shift if you go to school during first shift. Figure out the times and decide whether or not you think you will want to work those times or if the school will interfere.

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