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Q&A: Can I still get my deposit back if I give my landlord a 2 weeks notice?

by tom44 on September 14, 2013

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Question by NINTENDO: Can I still get my deposit back if I give my landlord a 2 weeks notice?
I got a new job at Albany by God’s grace, but they want me to start in 2 weeks. I am a bit tight with cash right now.
The contract was — give 30 days notice..
What happens if I can only give a 2 weeks notice? Does that mean that my Security deposit ( around $ 550) is gone?? What about the rent? Can I prorate the rent IF that’s the case?

Best answer:

Answer by Steve D
You can give 30 days and move out in 15, but you are responsible for the entire 30 days rent (no you can not pro rate). Notice means that you will be out by that time, not that you cannot leave before that.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: Can I still get my deposit back if I give my landlord a 2 weeks notice?

  1. Ricki says:

    Check your state’s landlord and tenant laws. Your landlord is likely entitled to all of next month’s rent unless he can rent it out quicker.

    The security deposit is really separate. If you just walk away from it, depending on your rent he could still come after you for the balance if the deposit is less than one month’s rent.

  2. Thriver says:

    You’re not giving 30 day notice like the contract states, regardless of what the reason is. Perhaps the landlord will get the place rented really quick. The security deposit is for the place being left how it was when you rented it. Even if you left adequate notice, if there’s damages then those will be deducted from your security.

  3. Insurance says:

    If you give notice today, then you’d only owe rent for all of August. If you give notice in 2 days or later in August, you’ll owe all of August AND all of September…assuming your rent is due on the 1st, of course.

  4. Mrs. Belvedere says:

    Legally you have to pay for the whole month you cannot prorate. Your security deposit will diminish for any unpaid charges in rent, damage and cleaning.

  5. Flower says:

    You can ask the landlord if he will accept 2 weeks and if he will pro rate the rent. You are not entitled to use security deposit as rent unless landlord agrees. You are supposed to save up money for the new deposit. Ask the landlord. He may refuse. Ask the Albany place if they will wait 30 days for you to start.

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