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Q&A: Can i get a computer job with just a certification?

by tom44 on September 17, 2013

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Question by DirtyOldReadNeckMan: Can i get a computer job with just a certification?
I always wanted to help my country with the cyber threat a broad can I land a job in information security or computer forensic with out a degree and only certifications or with an associates in science and COMPUTER certifications if so what certificationsuggest suggjest ? thanks for taking the time to read my question .

Best answer:

Answer by Jay Tech
It is actually very difficult to get a good job with just certifications. Even schools who offer degrees such as ITT Tech are laughed at by employers since it is not an accredited school. My best advice is if you have the knowledge to actually impact the internet such as programming, writing scripts, etc. become an entrepreneur. When you can actually show your work online that will basically become your resume and even have the chance to work with big companies. Stay motivated and work hard is my biggest suggestion. Keep learning more about your profession and implement your knowledge online where you can accredit yourself and work.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Can i get a computer job with just a certification?

  1. exactduke says:

    The more education, the better your chances. At a minimum, an associates degree. And if you want to add certifications that’s bound to help. And a bachelor’s degree is even better yet.

    Any job in IT, that you are looking for, so are a couple of dozen others. Some places may use degree of education as the 1st cut, to get an interview.

    I am a mainframe pgmr/analyst.

  2. Richard L says:

    In Computing Security in most companies there are people working at a lot of different levels. There is not one brainy guy somewhere like you see on TV who is the computing security genius. There are layers of security and people working on security in many places.

    There are System Administrators, Networking, Facilities people and others all working in their own realms to secure things properly. They are trying to push out the latest patches and antivirus defs to make the obvious things more secure. In addition to these common sense and best practice area there are may be some very elite people working at a very high level to detect and mitigate sophisticated attacks.

    Many US companies are training people and hiring people to work in the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) area. These jobs are usually given out to people with a minimum 4 year college degree and other IT experience as a Systems Administrator or Network Administrator. They would not be given to people who are new in IT or to certs only people.

    There are three main computer certs in the Security realm. Security+, CISSP and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). The CISSP is the most difficult and desireable and requires you to have 5 years of direct security experience.

    The scary reality is that there are individuals and countries that have figured out it is more cost effective to steal information than to commit to research and development. These are not one or two people but entire organized teams of very skilled people.

    So your desire to get into this area is admirable. You will need a 4 year computer degree and some certs and some experience to work in this area. Computing Security should continue to be a good job area on into the future. It certainly does not look like it is going away any time soon. Even if you don’t get a job working at the high levels you will be working in Computing Security.

    Best wishes!

  3. Jerome J says:

    It’s not impossible if you have experience to back it up or know a HR manager for the company you want to work at. However, certifications are not equivalent to an degree. A degree not only exposes to a wider variety of skills and technologies that are mandatory in IT, but they also discuss topics beyond IT and help deepen your understanding business and management. Yes, certifications do add specialized knowledge to your resume, but they don’t replace the skills developed in an degree program. Plus an certification lasts or a year or two until they need to be updated, whereas a degree is forever as a foundation of your education. A lot of companies don’t even consider you for the job unless you have at lease a bachelors(4-year) degree, sometimes a Masters.

    Most people get their degree first then work on getting the certifications or get the certifications while they are working. I personally would go for a degree and then get my certifications if they are needed. A degree along with some certifications gives you a well rounded set skills and boost your qualifications, which certifications can’t do alone.

    Hope this helps and check out my links below. Best of luck!

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