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Q&A: Book Publishing jobs in Los Angeles?

by tom44 on April 23, 2013

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Question by pepper: Book Publishing jobs in Los Angeles?
I’m looking to get in the book publishing business (I know, a dying area, but its my passion) and I’m wondering if there are any opportunities in the LA area? I’m a student here and I’m looking for work in my field.

I looked into the major publishers, but they’re all on the East Coast! Especially NY and Boston.

Is there any such work in the LA area? Most of the “creative” business around here seem to revolve around film, and that’s not what I’m looking for.


Best answer:

Answer by Ashcan
Dieing Area.

You are in for a big shock then.

I can’t say for the States, but in UK there is a trade Magazine called the Bookseller which is where you would look in Blighty.

I am sure there will be some publication in USA. I don’t know how big the Publishing industry is in L.A. and that area, but there must be plenty of agents offices, with Hollywood on your doorstep.

Here is a website for literary agents in L.A.

Angel City Talent
1680 Vine St #716
Los Angeles, Ca 90028
The Artists Group, Ltd.
10100 Santa Monica Blvd #2490
Los Angeles, Ca 90067

Artist Network
8438 Melrose Pl
Los Angeles, Ca 90069

The Bennett Agency
150 South Barrington Ave #1
Los Angeles, Ca 90049

Michael Bloom & Assoc.
9255 Sunset Blvd, 7th Floor
Los Angeles, Ca 90069

Borinstein, Oreck, Bogart Agency
8271 Melrose Ave #110
Los Angeles, Ca 90046

CNA & Associates, Inc.
1925 Century Park East #750
Los Angeles, Ca 90067

Durkin Artists Agency
127 Broadway #210
Santa Monica, Ca 90401
Favored Artists Agency
122 South Robertson Blvd #202
Los Angeles, Ca 90048

Film Artists Associates
7080 Hollywood Blvd #1118
Los Angeles, Ca 90028

Film-Theater Actors Exchange
582 Market St #302
San Francisco, Ca 94104

The Barry Freed Company, Inc.
2049 Century Park East #1200
Los Angeles, Ca 90067

Shamon Freitas & Company
9606 Tierra Grande St #204
San Diego, Ca 92126

The Gage Group, Inc.
9255 Sunset Blvd #515
Los Angeles, Ca 90069

Sandra Watt & Associates
8033 Sunset Blvd #4053
Hollywood, Ca 90046

Turning Point Mgmt Systems
6601 Center Drive West #500
Los Angeles, Ca 90045

Those are just a few of the Literary agents.
Then there are the Publishers.

The one below has a pop up so if you don’t want pop ups give it a miss there are lots of other sites.

Like this one.

You might also like to look at this English site, and read the articles about the publishing industry they are written by top authors, or top names in the industry (the book itself is the size of a brick) and tell you how the whole industry works.

Dieing trade, give up. Changing yes beocoming a sllightly different industry yes dieing definitely not.

Welcome to the book publishing industry over 550 years of the printing press and still going strong.

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