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Q&A: Best American Airline to work for?

by tom44 on April 5, 2013

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Question by Am: Best American Airline to work for?
After I graduate from college I want to go into flight attending. I am planning on moving to Tennessee some time. Mayce Memphis for a while and then eventually Nashville. Which airline do you think is the best airline to work for? I want to make good money and be in a great envoronment!

Best answer:

Answer by loonatic72
Alaska Airlines

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: Best American Airline to work for?

  1. calnickel says:

    I’d go for FedEx. They are right in your neighborhood and they pay quite well.

  2. Paul P says:

    The best American Airline to work for is, sadly, a foreign airline. The situation is so dire for airlines that going to work for any of them is a risk. And getting in is quite difficult, with high competition and so on.

    I would compile a list of the things that are important to you, and talk to recruiters for each of the airlines that service where you want to live.

    But whatever you do, at all costs avoid United Airlines.

  3. herkco says:

    DoNot, DoNot….become a flight attendant under any circumstances. Stay away from the airline industry entirely.
    You have a college education…surely your talents and initiative allow you to aim higher than a dead end job such as this.
    Do you think you would enjoy breathing dirty air 8 hours a day? How about premature aging of your beautiful skin? How about no social / family life because you are away 14+ nights per month. Like working on Christmas, Thanksgiving, your childs birthday, Fourth of July? Do you like sleeping in mediocre hotels or traveling in semi-safe crew vans?
    Give yourself a BIG break…run away from and forget anything at all about this flight attendant nonsense.

  4. gromit801 says:

    Alaska Air or Horizon.

  5. Janazz says:

    Southwest airlines is the most consistently profitable and has fewer lay offs of anyone. They have a 401K instead of a traditional retirement plan.

    American Airlines is the only international US airlines to not file bankruptcy. They still have their pension plan intact, unlike most other who have dumped their plans.

    With American, you can also add a life partner onto your benefits and flight priveleges. If you are single this is nice because you can have someone to travel with you.

    But if you want to live in Tennesse, try FedEx as someone suggested. Or better yet, the Tennessee Valley Authority.

  6. Ozzie says:

    Continental Airlines for International travel and if you just want to fly domestic, Southwest Airlines. Last time I checked Fedex didn’t have Flight Attendants.

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