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Q&A: Austin texas and san antonio?

by tom44 on June 22, 2014

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Question by Keisha M: Austin texas and san antonio?
What are some nice area’s to live in Austin texas. And also san antonio. Whats to do in austin tx. earlier i ask a question about moving to san antonio and everyone keeps telling me o move to austin tx. What wrong with san antonio? are there good paying jobs in san antonio? Are there jobs in austin?

Best answer:

Answer by Bri
i lived in houston for 5 years, i have been to san antonio, san antonio is more of a tourist place…i personally wouldn’t want to live there..btw Alamo freaking sux…never go there. Austin is gorgeous but its more liberal, very pretty though. Can’t relaly give you a point of view cause i just think Texas in general sux

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: Austin texas and san antonio?

  1. S M says:

    from what ive heard Austin. more liberal(if u like that) and more vibrant

  2. Lady Lee (leelee) says:

    San Antonio is beautiful and so is Austin. San Antonio is the 2nd fastest growing city in the nation. It primarily caters to the tourism industry and military, but that is changing with toyota and other incoming businesses. We also have 8 colleges and 6 Universities locally.

    Austin is more the artsy part of Texas with a music venue hard to compete with in other parts of Texas and they are in tune with the publishing and computer literate folks. Home to UT Austin and the Longhorns, it is a very college oriented city and kinda the hippy area but our politicians are there as well.

    All the little towns between San Antonio and Austin are very nice to live in if you want to get away from the city. If you enjoy hispanic culture, then San Antonio should more suit your style. We are very exotic. I live here and have traveled extensively worldwide, we are very diverse. San Antonio is more conservative though. Austin is more eclectic and liberal. If you are a history buff, San Antonio is deep in history and the Alamo is only one of its many missions. I am sorry you have had such horrible reviews of the area.

    The people in San Antonio are kind and considerate. It is a unique city with lots of small townships in the midst of this larger community. If I were just arriving to this beautiful city with over 260 days of sunshine on average and temperatures on average of 80 degrees, I would, however, search for something more north of San Antonio if you plan to live in the city itself.

    Any bigger city has its element and San Antonio is becoming more metropolitan and therefore it has its set of problem areas. Austin is a smaller community, but growing fast. I would not want to be on I35 during rush hour traffic in Austin and there’s not a lot of ways around that if you live there.

    Yes there are good paying jobs in both areas, but you have to have a good trade or an education. Yet, you can get a good education or trade in either of these areas.

  3. Kevin says:

    Positives – Everything
    -Environmentally aware city
    -Beautiful City
    -Higher paying jobs
    -More jobs for the IT person
    -Lot’s of parks and trails (look for Zilker, its beautiful)
    -Liberal City
    -Colorful city
    -Music capital of the world
    -Capitol of Texas

    Negatives – One, only one! Doesn’t bother me though.
    -Traffic (but who cares, the city is beautiful)

    San Antonio:
    -Home to the South Texas Medical Center, best medical care in the state
    -North, North East, and North West are very nice sides of town
    -Best school districts, North East ISD, and North Side ISD
    *WARNING! If you move so SA stay on the N Side!
    -Most people are obsessed in the San Antonio Spurs, no one knows or cares about anything else
    -South, East, West, and West-North-West sides of town are ugly as hell. (Bandera/Ingram & 410 Areas, ugly part of NW. Not to mention filled with uneducated, low-life people.
    -The crime rate is through the roof this year in all the bad parts of town, luckily the crime stays low on the N Side
    -I had a hell of a time finding a job in San Antonio especially since I’m in the IT field also school district field. Theres nothing for people like me. My dad is a superintendent at an airforce base here. He get’s paid very good. Government jobs are prominent through out the city.
    -This city council is in now way concerned about the environment
    -Don’t go to the parks, your cars will get broken into. It’s happened to my parents twice, and it just made it on the news last week.

    ***Extra Info***

    You got to hear this…
    Speaking of lack of environmentally concerned people in San Antonio. The other day I was with my parents at one of the parks near downtown. There was this low-life family with about 6 kids of which 4 were at the playground. The mother was changing one of the kids dipers, and she just threw the dirty diaper on the ground with the dirty wipes and everything. Then when they left, they just left all of their trash on the table, cans, bags, napkins, and paper plates. I’ve seen too much of this at the parks especially the ones on bad sides of town. There is a park, Brakenridge, every single sunday there is loads of cheap people who have parties and litter with those God D*nm pinatas. The leave and all their trash, plus their pinata crap remains.
    That really makes me mad.
    The historical missions are on a bad part of town. Since they’re located on the south side they are prone to illegal dumping, gang activity, and vandalism. All of these activities are very common at the missions.

  4. lolo lala says:

    Find another state. Texas SUCKS.

  5. myview says:

    San Antonio is dirty, but to each their own. You are good in Austin unless you move East of 35. I would find a job before moving here.

  6. lotusbrenda says:

    Kevin has it right. I’d say take his advice.

  7. Man of Gold says:

    As a whole Texas does suck but I would pick Austin over San Antonio. I think Austin is the best city in Texas. Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are conservative but Austin is more liberal. Austin is the “live musical capital of the world” and its music scene cannot be beat in Texas, not to mention it’s awesome night life.

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