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Q&A: Are there Good Jobs going in Portland Oregon?

by tom44 on May 10, 2014

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Question by Philkillens Lover.: Are there Good Jobs going in Portland Oregon?
If l relocate-l Need to Work.


Best answer:

Answer by w00t.pwnage_com
Depends on if you have a Masters degree or at the very least a B.S./B.A.

Most people I know have college degrees AND they still get stuck working at Coffee shops/min. wage jobs.

Good news is it’s easy to be homeless there.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Are there Good Jobs going in Portland Oregon?

  1. Lynn says:

    I suggest you check the Portland Oregonian newspaper for
    their Sunday edition, where they have all of the listings for
    the current job openings. All of the major papers are carried
    in your main library. You can find categories for the jobs that
    interest you,and if they have an email address, you can con-
    tact them and get info on the position available. I know our
    daughter has done this when she was looking for a job out of
    state a couple of times. And she also located housing for
    herself the same way. Everything was done over the internet.
    And she had a place to live waiting, as well as a new job. All
    she had to do, was settle in. I’m sure you can do this as well.

  2. Ocho Cinco says:

    Yes, the Portland area is home to many large companies like Nike, Intel, Harry & David, and Columbia Sportwear ……. it has a very stable economy which includes a strong high tech industry ……. = )

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