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Q&A: are there any jobs in detroit, mi for felons?

by tom44 on January 31, 2014

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Question by winterspaulette: are there any jobs in detroit, mi for felons?
I am a felon (5 yrs ago) and need a job. Any direction would be helpful

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Answer by SBF S
i’m from detroit and there isn’t even any jobs for people w/o a background!!

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: are there any jobs in detroit, mi for felons?

  1. angiethemom says:

    the pipefitters union in troy is calling for testing for apprenticeships, starting wage is 15.63/hr with $ 1 raise every six months for five years. landscaping services are always hiring. depending of the category of felony, they are calling to erase records- some kind of amnesty program to make ex-offenders more employable. did you check the local michigan works office? do you know about granholms “no worker left behind” project? it allows you to train for a job and the state will pay up to $ 5000 per year for two years…pastry chef, truck driver, cna, barber school -lots of stuff. state approved programs are listed under . some programs, like the nursing assistant, have very short programs that will make you employable w/ in a few weeks. look on craigslist, call the united way (211) and check the detroit urban league also for job help. maybe ask at a church too. be blessed. sorry i didn’t really answer the question…

  2. krissylyn says:

    I think you could probably run for Mayor.

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