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Q&A: Are there any advantages to becoming a stenographer these days over voice writing?

by tom44 on June 18, 2013

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by dbking

Question by RiddleMeThis: Are there any advantages to becoming a stenographer these days over voice writing?
With more and more states accepting the advanced voice writing method in courts through out the US, is the stenograph finally becoming obsolete?

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Answer by L
I didn’t know that more courts were accepting the voice writing method. I do know that machine transcriptionist still get paid quite well. A very small percentage of transcription in done in a court room, though. Most of it is done in attorney’s offices. When I was going to school, they were using machine transcriptionists to transcribe for the deaf in classrooms (at $ 150/hr) and for closed captioning (there are at least 2 closed captioning agencies, I know one is in Pittsburgh and one in Denver).

The biggest thing that I learned was that having a background in either medical or technological fields practically guaranteed you work. Since medical is part of the schooling – I lucked out on having a technical background.

This can be a really high paying job and machine transcriptionists are in high demand. Stick with it if you can.

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