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Q&A: Apartments near platt college in san diego?

by tom44 on August 10, 2013

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Question by Jay-C: Apartments near platt college in san diego?
I’m on a search for apartments in San Diego clost to platt college. I don’t have a car so i’ll need an apartment very close. Also im in search for a job, are there jobs near by like a general store job or wal-mart or something. lol. How much money should i save up before actually moving to san diego?

Best answer:

Answer by jit
apartments —,-117.06468&sspn=0.006911,0.013894&ie=UTF8&radius=0.4&rq=1&ev=p&ll=32.762864,-117.06468&spn=0.006911,0.013894&t=h&z=17
stores –,-117.06468&sspn=0.006911,0.013894&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=17
monthly cost –
$ 1000 Rent
$ 150 Food
$ 100 – 200 Lifestyle (clothing, entertainment, etc)
$ 100 – 200 Insurance
$ 100 Medical
$ 50 SDG&E
$ 50 Water
$ 100 Communication
~ $ 1750 after taxes, could share apartment for ~$ 500 less
$ 4000 – $ 4800/month after taxes

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