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Q&A: Any information on Air Force Reserve jobs in Charleston SC?

by tom44 on August 13, 2012

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Question by : Any information on Air Force Reserve jobs in Charleston SC?
I am a prior service Marine, and now I am trying to venture into the Air Force Reserves. I have passed the medical screening, background check, and I have a 70 on the ASVALB. Not bad for a jar head. Yet the only jobs the recruiter is showing me is Air Transportation and Aerospace Maintenance Apprentice. Which, are critical AFSC’s. I have been dealing with him for about a year now and I can’t believe those are the only job they have had in that time. I have made some calls and I came up with a couple of civil engineering (construction) jobs. I am thinking that he is not giving me the opportunity at a good job. It’s like take it or leave it prior service. Eventually, want to get a civilian job on base with the MWR and move a little closer to that area.
I am looking at a job with possibilities in the civilian sector and that I won’t regret for the next 6 years.

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Answer by rotorgiant47
get a second opinion from another recruiter

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