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Q&A: any cna jobs in the nyc area?

by tom44 on July 25, 2012

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Question by pitbullover: any cna jobs in the nyc area?
Does anyone know of any cna jobs in new york city. Preferably either the bronx or queens. I’ve searched the streets, newspapers and the internet and I still come up with nothing. I just recently received my license in september and only have one months nursing home experience. Really need help I’m trying to get a job asap so I will still be in time to apply for college (spring semester) it just seems like nothings out there.

Best answer:

Answer by shannn099
if your willing to travel all the way to staten island there are plenty of nursing homes that need staffing! but instead of looking in the newspapers look in the phone book for nursing homes in your area and go there and apply weather the hiring or not.
you’ll find a job soon there is a lot of need for cnas! good luck.

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One thought on “Q&A: any cna jobs in the nyc area?

  1. Butterfly Lover says:

    there are a ton of jobs for cnas. Look on Craigslist under healthcare.

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