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Q&A: 15 yrs. old- NEED JOB austin TX. ANY IDEAS?

by tom44 on April 11, 2014

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Question by lunachi123: 15 yrs. old- NEED JOB austin TX. ANY IDEAS?
yep, 15 years old and i HAVE TO get a job… i live in Austin Texas, and i want something interesting.
I’m a great people person, very energetic, love the arts, and fashion.

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Answer by HappyFooFoo
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2 thoughts on “Q&A: 15 yrs. old- NEED JOB austin TX. ANY IDEAS?

  1. DeathlyFighter says:

    sounds like my friend steven, hes trying to do the same thing.

    But, honestly I don’t think anyone is going to hire a 15 year old. I’d suggest waiting till your older?

  2. alexander_224 says:

    start a website and host it on your own server.i’m assuming you have friends emkay.make like a forum and tell all your freinds about it.if you get enough visitors you can slowly collect on advertising.don’t even register a domain either.thats just mor money wasted.also sell stuff on the if you dont have an older brother tell him not to buy cigarettes and dont sell them to your friends from advertising on the website 😉

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